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Blogging again

I’m entering the blogging world again. Don’t know if I have anything exciting to say that I couldn’t share on Facebook, but here goes…

Lately I’ve been thinking about the passage of time–like a lot. When my mother died last year she was 92 years old and I remember thinking what an amazing amount of change she’d witnessed in the world since her birth in 1921, changes in technology and society and moral attitudes she simply couldn’t wrap her mind around.

At the time I thought my world had changed comparatively little since I was born in 1961. Other than the advent of computers and the digital age and, of course, the social upheaval of the late 60’s through early 70’s, the world I occupied wasn’t all that different. I mean, my mom grew up like Laura Ingalls on a little ranch in the wilderness of Montana, riding her horse to a one-room school. Hands down she’d experienced more change in her life than I had, right?

But recently I watched some movie or other set in the early 70s. It struck a very familiar chord and pointed out to me how  my view of the world has shifted since then. I was a small town Catholic girl with solid yet narrow views on many subjects. The nuns taught us to believe only God can judge and all races are his children, and since I didn’t actually know anybody from a different cultural background, it was easy to believe in theory. But how much would the shit have hit the fan in my family if one of my sisters had actually brought home a non-white boyfriend?

Many things in that long ago world were simply a given. Homosexuality was O-U-T out! I didn’t even know what it was until some time in my teens. Imagine this sexually ignorant girl trying to wrap her head around that. It took me quite a number of years to move from “But why would anyone want to…? I mean, tab A goes into slot B so clearly it’s meant to be that way” to truly understanding and accepting that love doesn’t fit into a neat and tidy box.

Well, look at me now, writing love stories between all sorts of types of people with ease. I guess a lot of changes have come about in my world and my life and I’m glad for every one of them.

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