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Mending Him is out and about

I have a file folder of story ideas that can sometimes sit for years before being used. Mending Him is one of those ideas that evolved in a different way than originally intended.

 I’ve always enjoyed stories concerning unwanted wards taken in by a family and raised as not quite an equal to the other children. I imagined a heroine with a club foot and awkward demeanor who expects to spend her entire life as a dependent of her wealthy family, making herself useful and finding what joy she can in her limited life–until the day another random cousin in the extended family comes to visit and romance blooms.

I brought up the premise to Summer with a little gender revision and a disability for the visiting relative that would give the pair something to connect over, and she was down with it. There’s a real sweetness to stalwart Robbie that makes a lovely counterpoint to overbearing, charming, livewire Charles. We hope readers enjoy the couple and the rest of their family. The other characters were fun to write too.

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  1. GladysMP
      · October 2nd, 2014 at 1:17 am · Link

    Enjoyed learning about your books.

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