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Another “Think” Coming…

BdGoa_FCcAENUJ5So my husband and I got into an argument over this expression. I noticed a billboard that said “Another thing coming” and complained about it being wrong. It’s supposed to be “another THINK”. He said it looked right to him and that was the expression he used. I countered by saying I was absolutely positive I was correct, because the expression could be used as follows: “If you think you’re going to get away with that, you’ve got another think coming” meaning think again! Can you tell my mom used this expression often?

Fast forward a couple weeks later and we heard this usage in a song: another thing coming. I started to doubt myself. I should never doubt myself about such things, but it seemed the whole world was against me in the use of this expression. Today, I finally remembered to look it up and here’s what I found:

Of course I immediately had to send a link to my husband because, while I’m quite willing to back down over big things we argue about, I will go to bat for nitpicky details that don’t matter.

If you don’t feel like clicking the link, the short of it is “another THINK coming” is the original usage as I believed. Here’s a quote from the article:

“The earliest real example of the ‘thing’ version of the phrase that I’ve found is from the New York newspaper The Syracuse Herald, August 1919:

“If you think the life of a movie star is all sunshine and flowers you’ve got another thing coming.”

The paper’s local rival, The Syracuse Standard, outdoes that by several years, by printing the ‘think’ version in May 1898:

“Conroy lives in Troy and thinks he is a coming fighter. This gentleman has another think coming. It is probable that McCoy will next meet Joe Choynski.”

‘Another thing coming’ is just a mispronunciation of the original phrase. The source of this mistake is probably the duplicated ‘k’ sounds of ‘think’ and ‘coming’. When voicing ‘another think coming’ the two ‘k’ sounds are merged and what we utter phonetically is ‘thingkumming’. There’s very little difference in sound between that and ‘thing coming’. The ‘thing coming’ speakers may also have been influenced by a sneaking feeling that ‘another think coming’ is ungrammatical. Actually, a little consideration shows that it is perfectly grammatical, although it is a rather unusual form of speech – we would normally use the word ‘thought’ in this context. The split-second choice of how to pronounce a word doesn’t give time for such considerations and many people have just opted for ‘thing’.”

So, there you have it, because I CARE enough to spread wisdom. And we don’t need to talk about the fact that I used to sing the lyrics to Elton John’s Rocket Man as “Rocket Man, burning all the shoes off everyone” (even though I knew it sounded insane) and that my husband corrected me with “Rocket Man, burning off my fuel up here alone” which, you know, actually makes sense.

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Guest Author: Molly McClain

CWA_FrontCover (563x900) (1)Molly McLain’s River Bend series delves into the lives of River Bend, Nebraska’s hottest, sexiest singletons. The heroes may work as construction foremen, police officers, and firemen, but believe me—they are anything but average. Just ask the women who’ve got them all riled up below the belt. These ladies are smart, sassy, and they make sure they get what they want, in and out of the bedroom.

The first book in the series, Can’t Shake You, is currently free at all major online vendors, if you’re the type who prefers to start with Book One. Note, however, that each River Bend book is a standalone title.

The most recent release, Can’t Walk Away, was one of Molly’s favorite books to write. Mark, the ever-dedicated, but clueless county sheriff just can’t get it right when it comes to telling Ally, the bubbly barista at his favorite coffee shop, that he wants more from her than the few nights they’ve shared together.

Here’s the official blurb, the cover, and the links, if you want to check it out!

A convenient, casual, and completely orgasmic fling. What more could a girl want? For the past year, barista Ally Barrett has been content to spend her weekends distracting River Bend’s hottest commodity–the sexy, too-serious sheriff. Their casual arrangement suits her independent nature just fine…until it doesn’t. Sheriff and Army Guardsman Mark Dunn lives to serve the people of his community and his country. Ally is the only woman who’s never asked for more than his nights–and the only one he’s ever considered giving his days, as well. Too bad duty says otherwise. When an unexpected pregnancy flips their no-strings understanding on its head–and tarnishes both of their reputations–Mark has a tough time proving he wants a real relationship and not just reelection. But if this sheriff knows anything, it’s how to fight for what he believes in–Ally’s heart. Warning: This book contains a hero who’s all business and no play…unless there’s a dress and a hot redhead involved.






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Self Doubt as a Writer

Let me start by saying I think too much introspection is unhealthy. Better to accomplish something, anything, than to think too hard and hobble yourself. Do something even if it’s wrong is my motto.

I was considering this morning how people who create, be they musicians, actors, artists or writers, often have a tough time getting out of their own heads. Early on in a career it can be a matter of questioning whether they can even do this thing, finish this novel, find the heart of this painting. But the question of whether there’s even any value to what they’ve created never really goes away. Am I saving a life? Effecting change in the world? Is it enough to simply entertain people, and am I even doing that successfully? Waaay too much thinking!

The infamous writer’s block is tied up in that self doubt. Only time and experience teaches the writer that the best way to destroy it is to keep on writing until she or he comes out the other side. Don’t be afraid to get input from critique partners when you’re stuck on a plot point, a logic lapse, or character issue. There’s no shame in taking advice from a helpful friend. If you still worry the finished piece is a steaming pile of dung, have your editor help whip it into shape, or if necessary, shelf it completely and move on.

But always move on to something else. Never give up–even in the face of crummy reviews or lackluster sales. It’s a take no prisoners approach that will move you forward not only in your career but in life, IMO. My belief is none of us should take ourselves too seriously. And when we start to fret or think too much, the prescription is to spend time with a pet. Dogs and cats don’t plan ahead. They just exist, content in the moment as we all should be.

Remember this wise advice from Stuart Smalley.


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Guest Author: Elle Thorne
shiftersforeverseduction200by300I’m excited to join Bonnie (and you!) today for a chance to share a free book from the SHIFTERS FOREVER series.
Seduction is a standalone book featuring bear shifters and the curvy women they can’t live without!
All of the books in the series as well as those in the spin-off series ALWAYS AFTER DARK are available for 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Without further ado, here’s a little bit about Seduction!

Astra Evans is a curvy, delicious firebrand who thinks that the only good shifter is a dead shifter. 
With two exceptions, of course. 😉 And Kane Ortiz is NOT one of those exceptions. 
Kane’s a mountain-sized grizzly bear shifter who wants one thing–to avoid a group of shifters hunting him down. Except he’s got a problem. Astra, that damned, sexy, hottie with the curves that don’t end. 
Good luck, Kane. You’re gonna need it.
Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase one of my favorite works, Bonnie! Enjoy all!
Let me know if you loved Kane as much as I do!
Also… when you see the white tiger in Seduction, if you can’t get enough of that sexy white tiger, you’ll find him in Controversy, the first book in the Always After Dark Series!

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Share of the week: Bates Motel

I’m a big fan of the horror genre, though I’m so jaded now that it’s hard for a movie to creep me out or startle a jump from me any more. I’m fascinated by the psychological twistedness of killers, like a car accident I can’t look away from. I’m sure this fascination with serial killers is tied up with the idea of mortality, the inexorable approach of death for all of us, and other psychological stuff I don’t care to try to untangle. Long story short, of course I had to watch the Psycho based series Bates Motel, now in its third season.

After some missteps IMO in the second season, it continues to get better and more involving. Vera Farmiga as Norma and Freddie Highmore as Norman are stellar. The little homages to the original movie are fun; certain lines or images will pop up randomly, reminding the viewer of how this is all going to end. The present day setting has a retro vibe inside the Bates house, mostly due to Norma’s wardrobe and the furnishings, which seems disorienting during the first few episodes (are we in present day or the sixties?) but actually works perfectly.

You might think, why watch a prequel to something we all know the end to. Answer. Because it’s a wild, fun ride these characters take you on, and because the world the writers have created is just so cool. I highly recommend it.

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