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Mending Him is out and about

I have a file folder of story ideas that can sometimes sit for years before being used. Mending Him is one of those ideas that evolved in a different way than originally intended.

 I’ve always enjoyed stories concerning unwanted wards taken in by a family and raised as not quite an equal to the other children. I imagined a heroine with a club foot and awkward demeanor who expects to spend her entire life as a dependent of her wealthy family, making herself useful and finding what joy she can in her limited life–until the day another random cousin in the extended family comes to visit and romance blooms.

I brought up the premise to Summer with a little gender revision and a disability for the visiting relative that would give the pair something to connect over, and she was down with it. There’s a real sweetness to stalwart Robbie that makes a lovely counterpoint to overbearing, charming, livewire Charles. We hope readers enjoy the couple and the rest of their family. The other characters were fun to write too.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Just got back from a thousand mile trip, touring the edge of Lake Huron, Superior and all the way around our good ole Lake Michigan. Saw relatives in Wisconsin and took the ferry across to home. That’s a lot of riding for four days.

Along the way we saw many views like this:

And a whole lotta these: I did some work while I was riding though, working out in my head what writing project I should tackle next. What I came up with was a biker series. Go figure. Of course those hunky dudes in MC romance can’t hold a candle to the real middle-aged biker in my life:

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Gemini Girls GiMMEE event
Gemini Girls Website

A 3-day celebration of our favourite M/M Romance writers
 What’s happening?
– Mini-spotlights each day
–  new releases
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  Spotlights on:Barbara Elsborg, Garrett Leigh, Eva Lefoy, Shiloh Saddler, Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
Also featured:Aleks Voinov, LA Witt, Kaje Harper, Kimber Vale, Lisa Henry, Vanessa North

Summer and I will be featured on Tuesday, August 19 so be sure to stop on by.

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Why I wrote New Life…

Wow, keeping up a blog is hard work. Now I remember why I gave up on maintaining it. Today, to help support my repackaged release of the New Life two volume set, I thought I’d talk about how I came to write the book(s). Be sure to download a copy for FREE from now through Friday. Amazon only but you’re welcome to pick up a copy even if mobi isn’t your preferred reading format.

New Life is about Jason, a young man who has suffered traumatic brain injury due to a car accident and is still adjusting to the new limitations of his brain–and his life. Because he has some memory issues and requires a set routine to function, he is working a janitorial job when he meets Anna, the woman who becomes his love interest. She’s a lawyer whose firm is located in the building. He finds her sobbing in a stairwell after her first botched attempt in court and he gives her comfort and words of wisdom in her dark moment. Their relationship evolves from this first “meet cute” as the couple deals with social differences and issues caused by Jason’s disability. New Year resumes several months after the end of New Life and continues Jason and Anna’s story as they spend Christmas with her parents.

Many of my books and stories contain a kernel of some movie I’ve seen and then expanded to suit my own fantasy. New Life was inspired by The Lookout, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, and as you read New Life you may notice the physical similarities in my description of the hero. This was one case when I definitely had a specific actor in mind as I wrote. (Never did get a cover model that remotely resembled him but oh well.)

Here’s the blurb for The Lookout. “Chris “Slapshot” Pratt (Gordon-Levitt), whose once-bright future has been dimmed by a severe head injury, is a night janitor at a bank. Lonely and frustrated, Chris falls prey to a con man’s seductive promise of romance and a better life, and agrees to help rob the bank where he works”

Seriously, check out this movie if you don’t mind dark plots with no real love interest. Jeff Daniels was really good too. I really liked the story but I wanted a romance involved–so I wrote one, and that’s New Life.

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Quote-Along Dirty Dancing

Went to the Alamo Drafthouse (theater) last weekend with my daughter and some friends for a Dirty Dancing sing and quote along. So much fun! Captions at the bottom of the screen for some of the most famous, or cheesiest,  lines, but people were quoting large portions of the movie. We were given a couple of props too. Maracas to shake and a Patrick Swayze fan to use when a scene gets too hot. Perfect ladies’ night out.

Next up… Grease singalong.

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