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Paperback Giveaway for The Shepherd and the Solicitor

We’re having a drawing at Goodreads for the next couple of days. Enter to possibly win a paperback copy of The Shepherd and the Solicitor HERE at Goodreads. Spread the words with this link:


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Combining humor and serious angst in one book

Summer Devon and my new release (Sept 29) The Shepherd and the Solicitor runs the gamut from LOL scenes like the meet cute between the protagonists to heavy angst surrounding the reason Daniel Pierce changes his name and becomes a hermit. In the midst of darkness, there is always humor to be found. I think both Summer and I approach life with a smirk whether facing a negative or positive situation.

To quote Barenaked Ladies: “I’m the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral. Don’t understand what I mean? You soon will.”

I’ve tried writing a really angsty novel before, the sort with dark-natured dudes and depressed divas. I can’t seem to do it. I worked on a motorcycle club book for a bit. Two chapters in, I realized I was making the couples’ banter too light and jokey for that dramatic, gritty genre. Does this mean I’m a sunny-natured person? I wouldn’t go that far. But I do like to laugh. And I think readers will laugh too at the meeting between solicitor Gregory Tobin, sent to find a lost heir, and Jacob Bennet aka Daniel Pierce, the isolated shepherd of the title.

The landscape wasn’t as flat as he’d thought when looking across the field. Tobin trudged up and down rises and falls of land—mostly up—with a hard wind pushing him along like a hand to his back. Tobin glanced up at the swirling gray clouds that stretched across the horizon and wondered if he’d make it to shelter before the looming storm broke and drenched him. The house and outbuildings didn’t seem to be getting any closer.

He was so focused on his destination that he didn’t notice the stalking beast coming up behind him until it made him jump nearly out of his skin with a loud baaah. Tobin whirled to face a large sheep with dirty gray wool and a black face. It gazed at him curiously and bleated again.

Tobin clapped his hands at the thing, trying to drive it away. “Go on. Go home.”

But the adorable farm creature didn’t run away like Alfie the horse. Instead, it crunched a mouthful of grass between surprisingly large teeth and moved closer. At the same time, a crowd of its brethren crested the low hill. One sheep might be rather charming and pastoral, but an entire herd of them was entirely too much. Tobin had never spent any time around animals, other than his great aunt’s ill-tempered poodle. He wasn’t comfortable with the way the black-faced sheep all stared at him and headed directly toward him.

He clapped his hands again. “Go on now. Run away.” But the beasts seemed merely intrigued by his clapping. Perhaps they thought he was a dinner bell calling them to food. They swarmed toward him in a great baaing bundle.

Rather than turning and running, Tobin made the mistake of moving backward. His foot caught on a hummock of grass, or perhaps a badger hole, and he lost his balance, falling hard on his arse for the second time that day. The flock stampeded toward him, their combined weight shaking the ground and the noise of their infernal bleating deafening. He would be crushed by at least a hundred great fluffy tubs of wool!

Tobin threw his arms around his head, opened his mouth and screamed at the top of his lungs.

But instead of sharp hooves and heavy woolly bodies stomping him to a pulp, he felt something grab him by the coat collar and drag him upright. Then two strong bands of iron pulled him tight against a slab of warm living granite, away from the rush of bleating sheep.

He opened his tight-squeezed eyes and blinked away grit and dust. Staring back at him was a pair of eyes as green as the grassy meadow set in a face that could have been hewn from the same granite as that body—it was that hard and unyielding. This man was nothing like the slender and rather unformed young man pictured in the Pierce family photographs.

Except that underneath the hard muscles and shapeless jumper, perhaps the grim farmer’s build was the same. And the hair, although longer than that in the photograph, was equally fair. That heavy beard and moustache might hide full lips and a rounded chin. The photos were in black-and-white, but the family had described the missing heir as having “emerald-green” eyes.

These eyes were certainly that bright and luminescent.

Before Tobin could clear his throat and introduce himself, the man in the grubby boots thrust him away with a shove. “Who are you, and what are you doing on my land?”

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The Merchant and the Clergyman Campaign

Merchant & Clergyman_500x750An excerpt of The Merchant and the Clergyman is available to read thru Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. PLEASE click on the link which will take you to the campaign page, read and nominate it before Sept. 4. If our title receives high marks, it may be selected by Amazon for publication (earning the Thor’s Hammer of the Amazon Machine to back it). If not, we’ll be self publishing as usual. THANKS in advance for your support.


A village clergyman Curate James Fletcher is content shepherding his parishioners through the good and bad times of their lives. If he sometimes dreams of making a deeper connection with a man who truly knows everything about him, it is an impulse he ignores and sublimates.

A workaholic businessman Declan Shaw solves problems at his family’s far-flung business enterprises. Recently, he’s considered taking a break from traveling to settle in one place and pursue a few desires of his own. He’d love to explore his secret love of cooking, and perhaps have a relationship that lasts longer than a night.

The event that brings them together In town for his cousin’s wedding, Declan meets James just as he’s bested the annoying groom. Intrigued by the mild-mannered cleric’s surprising grit, Declan asks James to help him discover if his aunt is being mistreated by her spouse. As their paths repeatedly cross, the two men reach an intersection of attraction they can’t ignore. Will they take the forbidden trail of passion and perhaps continue to travel together into the future?

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The Tutor is now available

The Tutor_500x750This particular story has been a very fun one for me with few stumbles over what should happen next and some GREAT input from several beta readers that helped strengthen the final conflict. Now The Tutor is live at everywhere. Links to all sellers are on the book page.
Here’s an early review from Heroes and Heartbreakers:

Heroes & Heartbreakers, Tanya LK
I was tearing through the pages, clutching my comforter for, well, comfort, waiting to see how it all unfolds. …a story about love. Love for one’s family, love from beyond, and letting oneself fall in love.

Thanks to all who helped with this book in any way and for the many readers who preordered, demonstrating their interest.

Elements of The Sound of Music, The Enchanted Garden, Jane Eyre, and “true” ghost hunting shows make this story feel familiar. Gay love makes it unique.

Seeing an ad for a position at a Yorkshire estate, typesetter Graham Cowrie decides to make an upward career move by passing himself off as a tutor. How hard can it be to teach a few subjects to a pair of nine-year-old boys? But on his arrival at the ancient house, he finds the staff creepy, the twins odd, and the widowed master temporarily absent.

His first meeting with brooding, stern, but oh-so-attractive, Sir Richard doesn’t go well, but with no other prospects vying for the teaching position, Graham manages to keep it. His mission soon becomes clear, break down the walls of reserve both father and sons have erected and attempt to bridge the gap between them.

But strange sounds, sights and experiences keep Graham on edge until he finally admits the Hall is haunted by two entities with very different agendas. Graham works to appease one and combat the other while protecting the broken family he’s grown to care for.


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Her Choice is newly released

Bd-Her-Choice-S200x300A long time ago, I wrote a book called Perfecting Amanda, about a woman who travels to Kansas to meet a fiancé she’s only met through correspondence. While waiting at the train depot, she tells her tale to the station agent and a roguish gambler passing by overhears. Since she’s never seen the man, and he more or less matches the description, Spencer takes a gamble on whether he can get this pretty lady into bed by posing as the man. Needless to say, his duplicity is discovered the next morning by the unwitting heroine, who must decide whether to come clean with her fiancé, Travis, when he finally shows up–or hide this terrible mistake and carry on with her original plan.

An outlandish premise, right? Yeah, I think so too. But I wrote it a long time ago. I probably wouldn’t today. What I did do with the story, after rights reverted to me, was give it a thorough polish for style (not content, there was really no changing the basic story) and prepare to self publish it.

Presenting now, Her Choice with a new cover and a facelift. You can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords and more. All links are on the book page here. Click on the cover image of Her Choice to get to the book’s page.



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