Bonnie Dee
Bonnie Dee
May 5, 2012
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When is three not a crowd? When a trio of friends indulges in a weekend of erotic play.

Melissa silently lusts after her co-worker Michael, but can barely speak to him. When her roommate, Rachel hooks up with this man of her dreams, Melissa is at first devastated then abruptly drawn into a threesome.

The experiment is meant to last one wild, sex-filled weekend, but as the three become entwined, it’s clear that at least two of them don’t want to let it go.

Can Melissa re-think her “one woman, one man” attitude and embrace a different kind of connection?

Note: Previously included in the Three anthology.

What people are saying

Joyfully Reviewed, Reviewer Cassie
AWAKENING was a very hot little tale. With a lot of inventive sex as well as character development and emotion.

Romance Junkies, Reviewer zpidre, 5 ribbons
Hot, sexy and very thought provoking. This story has many layers, friendship, sex, love and indulgence. And what do you know, mix the afore mentioned together and the end result is a fast paced, witty read.

Two Lips Reviews, Reviewer Bella – 4 Lips
AWAKENING explores how a friendship can evolve to become much more. All three characters are charming and entertaining. Their encounters are very erotic and inventive. It was a treat to watch this weekend fling evolve into something more.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews, Heather Nestorick – 3 stars
I truly loved AWAKENING! The sex is amazing, with a little bit of everything.

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Melissa gazed into the eyes of the man of her dreams. They were a deep cobalt blue, the vibrant color only achieved by contact lenses or certain movie actors. No one she’d ever met in real life had eyes so vivid, so piercing, so … guh, the things he was doing with his finger, while his eyes stared into hers. She squirmed at the touch on her clit. Slowly moving circles grew faster and her body jerked in time to the rhythm. “Oh please,” she whispered almost soundlessly.


“You like that?” His clipped British consonants coupled with his husky voice made the question sexy.

“Uh!” she nodded, biting her lip.

“Then you’ll love this.” He knelt before her, grabbing her hips and placing his mouth where his hand had been. As he flilcked his tongue lightly but steadily over the tiny bud, waves of sensation built deep inside her.

“Oh, God, Michael!” She wanted to shout it out, but kept the words inside her head. They were at work in a room anyone might enter. She had to keep silent.

But as the fizzy champagne bubbles of her orgasm built and built at the point of contact, she couldn’t suppress her panting breath and gasp of pleasure. One last stroke and the cork popped. Champagne fizzed through her entire nervous system, drenching her in tingling wetness.

Melissa moaned softly and opened her eyes. The stall door faced her. She pulled her finger out from under the elastic of her panties and smoothed her skirt over her hips. Breathing heavily, she flushed to toilet to give herself another moment of privacy then opened the door and walked into the ladies’ washroom. She crossed to the sink and turned on the water, staring at her face in the mirror.

“You pathetic, bitch!” she whispered at the girl with wide brown eyes, an upturned button nose and sharp pointed chin. Her hair was drawn back from her face in a simple ponytail and the few straggling curls on her forehead stuck to a sheen of sweat.

Melissa tested the running water with her hand and found it warm. She wanted to plunge her whole head into water and cool herself down but settled for dampening a piece of paper towel and blotting her forehead and cheeks.

Before she washed her hand, she breathed in the scent of her finger, coated with her own carnal juices. Sex. At this rate, the only kind she was going to have would be with herself.


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