Bonnie Dee
Best Women's Erotica 2006Contemporary
Cleis Press
November 1, 2005
ISBN-13: 9781458757012
ISBN-10: 1458757013

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Best-selling sex book author Violet Blue takes the helm of this renowned series with a sexy, wide-ranging collection.

including Bonnie’s Fullfilling Amanda

Twist your bed sheets and dampen your palms. Under the stylish editorship of sex guru Violet Blue, Best Women’s Erotica 2006 delivers risky, romantic thrills. These joyful, daring, authentic stories revel in erotic adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of longtime lovers. In Kellie Gillespie’s “Another Assignation with Charles Bonnet,” a blind woman experiences “love at first smell” on a London street corner — cinnamon, sweat, leather, and tobacco — and determines to find again the man who carries this scent. Sydney Beier’s “Reading to Horst” is a paean to possibility: an American woman living in Germany has a languorous encounter with a tourist who asks her to read aloud to him at a café from the copy of Anaïs Nin’s Little Birds in her hands. And Elizabeth Coldwell’s “Heat” describes the fierce affair between a barmaid and her brutish temporary boss, a man she doesn’t even like but who sets her heart pounding.

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