Bonnie Dee
Dragonblade Publishing
April 28, 2021

After suffering indignities at the hands of her guardian, Candace Sweet sheds the shackles of an aristocratic upbringing to open a confectionery. There she delights in creating decadent chocolate truffles, but memories of her ordeal continue to embitter her new life. When an irresistible salesman enters her shop, he injects a new element into the already confusing recipe of her emotions.  Candace struggles to reconcile her growing feelings for Monsieur Moreau with the purely business agreement he proposes.

With his family business failing, chocolatier Alain Moreau works to expand the venerable Moreau brand beyond Paris. While peddling chocolates to a new shop in London, he is struck by exquisitely decorated truffles and their equally appetizing creator. Soon, he isn’t certain whether he’s more interested in selling to or wooing the proprietress, yet there are serious impediments in his life to any romantic entanglement.

Figures from both of their pasts keep the sweet makers apart. When an old friend comes to Candace for support during her time of need, Candace begins to understand that some barriers were made to be overcome and true happiness may require sacrifice. After all, the finest chocolate is created by combining the bitter with the sweet.

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