Bonnie Dee
Dream Across TimeParanormal
Liquid Silver Books
January 19, 2009
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Separated by time, two lovers meet only in their dreams.

Aiyana, a Native American healer and Connor, a civil lawyer, are lovers who live in New York state—several hundred years apart. They meet in increasingly vivid dreams.

As vague, erotic encounters become more concrete, the two form a connection that transcends time and space. Both search for a way to make contact during waking life, and they come together through astral projection. But can the lovers ever meet on the physical plane? And is their newfound love strong enough for one of them to be willing to sacrifice a familiar life to live in a foreign world.

What people are saying

Mrs. Giggles Review, 85
“This is an interesting story because I find myself wondering how the author is going to get those two to meet outside of the dream world. Ms Dee pulls it off in a way that is pretty satisfactory to me. For a long time, the two characters have a relationship that is erotic as well as romantic. This is pretty much what I have come to expect from this author – a romance that is both romantic as well as sexy. The two characters talk and form an emotional bond between them, so it’s not just sex-sex-sex all the time. ”

JERR, Reviewer LT Blue, 5 stars
Ms. Dee created characters that were quite believable despite the paranormal element. Connor was in such pain, and was just going through the motions with work and no emotional ties. Aiyana’s character is the perfect remedy for Connor. I enjoyed her quiet strength. Typically, I don’t care for sexual action that occurs during dreams but with Connor and Aiyana it just felt right. There is sexual chemistry between the two, but there is an innocence that gives the sexual scenes a romantic flair.

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A man’s warm, heavy hand slid up Aiyana’s spine, gliding over the bumps of vertebrae and coming to rest on the nape of her neck. The hand kneaded her muscles lightly, the blunt thumb digging in and releasing tension.

Dream Across Time

Aiyana stretched and smiled, luxuriating beneath his touch. She scooted backward until she felt the heat of his chest, his groin, his legs pressing against her. The heat and heaviness of his erection nestled in the groove of her buttocks. She rubbed her bottom against its length.

Missed you. She didn’t speak. The man could hear her thoughts as she heard his, inside her mind. You were late in coming tonight.

I’ve missed you too. He nuzzled her shoulder with his lips.

She tilted her head to the side so he could kiss his way up her neck. Her eyes closed and she pressed into the wall of hard, male flesh behind her. She thrust her breasts into the hand roaming over her chest.

He squeezed one soft mound and the other, rolling her hardened nipples between his fingers. The tugging made her sex clench and wetness moistened its lips. She moaned and shifted, lifting into his touch.

I think about you all the time now. His voice in her head was as warm and rich as honey from the comb. It’s getting harder to stay awake during the days, when all I want is to sleep and dream with you.

He moved against her, his heavy cock sliding sensuously between her cheeks. Her anus tensed at the stimulation and her pussy contracted, then opened wide like a hungry mouth desperate to be filled.

His hand slid from her breast down her belly and to her opening. Teasing his finger between her folds, he sampled her wetness.

She thrust onto his searching fingers. I want you inside me now.

So soon? I haven’t even kissed you yet. He chuckled against her shoulder.

Yes, now. Before I have to…

“Wake up, Aiyana! I’ve called you three times already.”

The nasal voice was as harsh and unwelcome as the sunlight that suddenly shone in her face. She moaned and rolled to her side, away from the light and the voice that intruded on her beautiful sleep.

A hard hand fell on her bare shoulder–not the seductive hand of her dreams, but a cool, dry, wrinkled hand. “Wake up, girl. There’s work to be done.”

“Yes. I hear you. I’m getting up.”

“What’s the matter with you? You’ve never slept so much before. I’ll put molasses on your cornmeal this morning, and you must start eating sorrel to strengthen your weak blood.”

“Mm-hm.” Aiyana’s eyes opened. She stared at the rough bark wall in front of her before rolling onto her back to look at Hausis.

The old woman stood with her hands on hips, her snapping black eyes narrowed. “You were dreaming … restlessly.”

The sleepy haze evaporated and Aiyana sat up quickly. Was she moaning in her sleep? Did Hausis guess her dreams were about a nightly visitor? Her cheeks burned and she quickly turned her face away so her long, black hair shielded it. How humiliating that her teacher may have heard her response to the intense sexual dreams. She’d been experiencing them for the past several weeks, and they seemed to be growing stronger and more real every night.

If Hausis guessed at the content of the dreams, she gave no sign of it. “A cleansing steam with sage will drive the spirits from your nightly slumber,” she advised.

Dream Across Time

“I’ll try that before sleeping tonight.” Aiyana pushed the heavy deerskin cover from her and rose from her pallet. Her naked skin was wet with sweat. Tendrils of hair clung to her damp face. She pushed them back and reached for her dress, sliding the soft deer hide over her head and thrusting her arms through the sleeves.

Hausis handed her a bowl of corn mush with a drizzle of blackstrap molasses on it. “Eat. We’ll walk to the far west woods today to gather wormwood for Yarrow’s cough. And we need partridgeberry and cohosh to make an infusion for the delivery of Majasi’s baby.”

Aiyana went outside to relieve herself before breaking her fast. She thought about her nighttime lover as she walked into the woods through the thigh-high ferns. She brushed her hands over their feathery tops and remembered the brush of the man’s hands over her bare skin. She shivered and her skin tingled. His touch was powerfully arousing. It brought her to great peaks then sent her plunging into deep valleys.

The dreams were so vivid they must have some significance. Maybe the pale-skinned man represented the husband she had yet to meet. If so, he must be someone from another tribe because he certainly wasn’t like anyone she knew.


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