Bonnie Dee
Mirror ImageParanormal
Liquid Silver Books
February 22, 2010
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Double your pleasure, double your fun. What’s better than one amazing lover? A matched set.

When Agent Mara Brannigan struts into a low-rent bar on a mission to seduce and apprehend a pair of fugitives from the government, she doesn’t count on being the one caught in the snare of seduction.

Captains Derrick and “Red” Ravenscraft are a duplicate pair, which the Galactic Ministry of Science wants to study. Mara is there to strongly suggest they respond to that summons, but a bar brawl winds up with her unconscious and waking up on board the captains’ ship.

Powerful, undeniable attraction binds the three together. The squabbling men must learn to overcome their issues when the ship, and Mara, are endangered by an outer space menace. But when the danger is past, can they make a permanent reconciliation, and can the three find a happy balance together?

What people are saying

The Romance Studio, Shannon, 4 stars
From the imaginative minds of authors Mima and Bonnie Dee comes a creative and utterly tantalizing story that is filled with smart pacing and well-rounded characters that seem to ensure that the sizzling danger and passion leap off the pages.

Two Lips Reviews, Merrylee, 4 lips
The sex scenes in this book absolutely smolder. They’re well-written and contribute to telling the story by differentiating the men’s personalities. At times, Mara needed the softer, more perceptive side of Frederick and at other times, she needed his fiercer, more dominating side.

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Double your pleasure.

Mirror Image

Her gaze magnetically sealed to the matched pair across the bar. Most everyone in the place kept stealing glances at them, so it wasn’t like she’d reveal they were her targets. The tall, auburn-haired, leather-jacketed, testosterone-laden specimens of manhood were speaking intensely and occasionally jabbing a finger into each other’s heavy shoulders.

Crossing her long, bare legs, she swung them idly from the tall barstool. It was nearly impossible not to gawk, to study them and search for some tiny differences between the arguing men. Hard to tell in the dim light, but it appeared as if Captain A had a scar marking the side of his face while Captain B’s hair was definitely longer, falling past the upturned collar of his jacket. What must it be like? Two of her would be weird.

Double your fun.

The words of the nonsensical nursery rhyme passed down from the Old Days revolved incessantly in Mara’s mind. She drew a deep breath and shifted on the faux-wood bar stool, trying to relieve the tension building between her legs. Her pussy felt as soft and pliable as plastique and just as likely to explode given the right igniter.

Focus. She was here on the small moon of Bonmim to apprehend her quarry, not get turned on by them. She didn’t want to be here, all dressed up for sex she wouldn’t get. Alone as usual. She loved her job, and was proud of it, but lately the pace had been getting to her. She needed a vacation. She wanted someone to talk to, and someone to have sex with, and the isolation hollowing her ribs was pathetic. Seducing these hardheads into leaving the bar with her was part of the plan, but she mustn’t be taken in by her own performance. They were double cute, double interesting, and she was double lonely.

No, the seduction was for show. The men were likely to fight if cornered so she couldn’t apprehend them in a room full of people. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to get one or preferably both of them to follow her outside where she could politely read them their rights then escort them to Rasedule where the Capitol Science Headquarters of Theory and Energy were located.

Not difficult at all, especially as both men simultaneously noticed her and stared with smoldering, dark eyes that peeled off her I-wanna-have-fun clothes from across the room. Mara longed to slip off the confining little black dress that lifted her sensitive breasts and rubbed too roughly against her feverish skin. Damn, it was like she’d been caught in a radiation shower, as if her very bones were melting. If the men’s mere scrutiny could do that, think of what their roaming hands or mouths could do.

Double your pleasure.

She turned her attention back to her drink, sucking deeply on the straw impaling the icy blue confection. The slush cooled her throat but the alcohol warmed her blood even more. Mara waited, gazing around the bar at other people, making eye contact with other men. A young blond was notable for the return heat he sent her. Here she was, just an ordinary woman on the make. She ignored the empty cavern of her echoing heart. Here she was, just an ordinary agent who hadn’t even seen her friends face-to-face in over a year.

A moment later, two blue Molten Icecaps plunked down on the bar in front of her. The one she’d ordered for herself had been virgin. She could tell by the dense cobalt at the base these were fully loaded. Drinking on a job was against her rules. It was common sense.

“Courtesy of the gentlemen over there,” the bartender said. He paused before turning away. “I’d watch out for those two, miss. Lot of trouble.”

“Really?” She looked at her quarry again, nodding her acknowledgement of the drinks, meeting the two pairs of sizzling eyes. “Happens to be I’m looking for trouble. You can let them know that for me if you’d like.”

The Moltens were her favorite. How lucky for her. She pulled one closer and took a deep drag of the spicy slush.

The tender shrugged. “All right, lady, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

After he walked away, the blond man she’d smiled at came up beside her. “Hello. I see I moved too slow and somebody’s already bought you drinks. How about I break tradition and buy you a bag of pretzels instead?”

The man flashed a charming grin. If she hadn’t been on a mission, Mara might have taken him up on the offer and taken him home later that evening. He was the kind of young, obedient and energetic partner she liked. But of course she was on a mission same as she had been for the last ten years.

He angled his shoulders, blocking her view. Then again, the captains eclipsed every other man in the room. If she really was on the make, maybe she’d take a gamble on a less dependable date. Maybe she’d truly hit on her targets, if she was feeling really frisky. Which she was. The blond was in the way. She needed the stools beside her left empty.

“You’re very sweet. Thanks, but sorry, I’m expecting someone.” She smiled her firm, polite smile then let him know with her eyes that she meant it.

With a nod, the guy retreated back to his buddies at a nearby table.

Mara took another long pull on her straw, draining her glass, and an ice headache threatened. What the hell was taking them so long to move in? Restlessly, she stretched her neck and checked out the décor. This bar was the latest in historical reproductions. The synth walls were uneven brown slabs, supposedly like massive plants that had been cut and nailed together. Old names written in glowing tube lighting were scattered behind the bar. Her favorite was one the same color as her Molten drink. It read “Miller Time.” Whatever that was. Maybe it was the frustrating amount of time between the Copied Captains giving her yummy drinks and getting their big firm bodies over here. She stole a look at the men.

Mirror Image

The scarred guy was looking back at her, fucking her with his gaze, while his longer-haired twin berated him with an angry scowl furrowing his brows. Mara could guess what they were fighting about now. She angled her crossed legs higher, revealing more toned thigh, and draped her arm along the back of the tall chair, exposing her generous breasts. She stared at the bottles lining the wall behind the counter, licked her lips with lazy confidence, and waited some more. Unfortunately, the wait began to feel less predatory agent-in-waiting, and more flat-out sexual anticipation. The Molten Blue sizzled down her throat.

She felt them before she saw them, two hot bodies bracketing her on either side. Standing as tall as she did, she appreciated large men. The scarred captain slid onto the stool on her left.

His shaggy-haired mate asked permission. “Is this seat taken?”

She inclined her head. “Please, sit.”

The very vibration of the air changed with their commanding presences surrounding her. Her nipples tingled and her sex clenched in response to their proximity. Mara sat up straighter on her stool, squeezing her thighs tight.

Double your fun.


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