Bonnie Dee
Reflections of BeautyContemporary
Red Sage Publishing
July 1, 2008
ISBN-13: 9781603101646
ISBN-10: 1603101640

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including Bonnie’s Reflections of Beauty

When artist Christine Dawson is commissioned to paint a portrait of wealthy, mysterious recluse Eric Leroux, she must tear away the briars and scale the walls surrounding the heart of this scarred man. But some scars are more than skin-deep.

To My Readers: We never outgrow fairytales. Maybe that’s why there’ve been more retellings of Cinderella than practically any other story I can think of. “Poor girl makes good” never gets old. But an equally popular fairytale theme is found in Beauty and the Beast. A scarred man nurtured and saved by a strong woman’s love is the sexiest thing imaginable. I hope you enjoy this modern, erotic revisiting of one of my favorite stories.

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