Bonnie Dee
Sex at the Sports ClubContemporary
Virgin Books
May 29, 2010
ISBN-13: 9780352339911
ISBN-10: 0352339918

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Wicked Words — a collection of saucy and compelling short stories

including Bonnie’s Sports Widow

Everyone loves a good sport—especially if he has fantastic thighs and a great bod. Whether in the showers after a football match, or proving his all on the tennis court, there’s something about a man working on his body to the limit that really gets a girl going.

In this latest themed collection of Wicked Words stories we explore the sexual tensions that go on at various sports clubs. And it’s not just the men working up a sweat; there’s plenty of action going on in the ladies’ locker room, too. From the golf course to the rugby scrum; from the martial arts school to the fencing class, the competitive spirit kindles the fires of sexual arousal, and this fun, naughty anthology is guaranteed to fan those flames!

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