Bonnie Dee
Gay Romance (M/M)

May, 30, 2018

A lost spirit, suppressed desire, and an injured heart converge.

Haunted by his past, psychic Justin Crump helps others find peace by using his ability. When he’s called upon to release a distressed soul from a haunted house, he finds more than he bargained for. Skeptical home-owner Albert Henderson humors his mother’s wishes by inviting the medium for a visit. Albert has denied his sexual proclivities his entire life. Justin unlocks them. They agree to some emotion-free experimentation not imagining it might lead to love.

After learning the truth about the departed spirit’s persecutor, the two men pursue a perpetrator of great evil. Meanwhile, they waver between indulging in and fighting against their growing feelings for each other. When they find their quarry and invite him home, the vengeful spirit unleashes power nearly beyond control.

Will Justin free the earthbound ghost from the past that holds it shackled? And can the heroes escape their chains of doubt to find their way to each other?

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