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Combining humor and serious angst in one book

Summer Devon and my new release (Sept 29) The Shepherd and the Solicitor runs the gamut from LOL scenes like the meet cute between the protagonists to heavy angst surrounding the reason Daniel Pierce changes his name and becomes a hermit. In the midst of darkness, there is always humor to be found. I think both Summer and I approach life with a smirk whether facing a negative or positive situation.

To quote Barenaked Ladies: “I’m the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral. Don’t understand what I mean? You soon will.”

I’ve tried writing a really angsty novel before, … Read more »

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Her Choice is newly released

Bd-Her-Choice-S200x300A long time ago, I wrote a book called Perfecting Amanda, about a woman who travels to Kansas to meet a fiancé she’s only met through correspondence. While waiting at the train depot, she tells her tale to the station agent and a roguish gambler passing by overhears. Since she’s never seen the man, and he more or less matches the description, Spencer takes a gamble on whether he can get this pretty lady into bed by posing as the man. Needless to say, his duplicity is discovered the next morning by the unwitting heroine, who must decide whether to … Read more »

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