Bonnie Dee

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The Summer of ’77

August 2017

One late summer night, fourteen-year-old Rachael Walsh witnesses a man throwing a large tarp-wrapped bundle into a ditch. When she returns the next day, the object is gone. It’s not long before the news reports a pattern of missing girls, but without solid evidence and afraid of getting punished for sneaking out, Rachael continues to keep her secret.

During this sultry summer of Star Wars in a small Ohio town, Rachael loses her longtime best friend to a cooler crowd, starts her first real job, makes new friends, and learns the adults in her life aren’t infallible and danger lurks even in her safe cocoon.

Along with her co-worker Carl, a sci fi nerd who may have a crush on her, Rachael discovers a clue and investigates potential suspects. But playing junior detective could be a dangerous game if a murderer learns Rachael saw him dumping a body.

If you grew up in the ’70s, this book is a nostalgia trip. If you are a young person dealing with changes in your life, it’s about growing up. If you enjoy suspense, there’s a mystery to solve and a pulse pounding finale.

Chilling with Max

September 2017

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