Bonnie Dee

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The Eyes of a Soldier

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Marching home from the Civil War, Logan Albertson is at the end of his strength and will to carry on, when he spots the lights of a cabin in the Tennessee woods. Widowed Mae Pike is bone weary and struggling to survive in the wilderness without her husband. When a stranger shows up in the night, she keeps the door barred—until he tells something about himself that gives her a glimpse of the Yankee soldier as a person.

In two short days, two wary strangers connect in subtle ways. Soon the flickering flame of attraction between Logan and Mae flares into a fire that consumes them both. Is a future together possible for enemies of war, or are mere moments of comfort all they can share?
Gift Exchange

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This Christmas story is set between my books The Countess Takes a Lover and The Countess Lends a Hand. It's a brief romantic holiday encounter between lead characters Meredith and Christopher.
A Beating Heart

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A depressed vampire has a mind-bending enounter with a stranger in a laundromat one night. Written for a Valentine short story giveaway from Samhain.