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Candace Sweet’s Confectionery Open for Business

The final book in the Providence Street trilogy brings the series to a close with Candace Sweet’s story. If you love romance and chocolate and sensual descriptions of chocolate, this is the book for you.

Decadent chocolate inspires romance for two confectioners.

After suffering indignities at the hands of her guardian, Candace Sweet sheds the shackles of an aristocratic upbringing to open a confectionery. There she delights in creating decadent chocolate truffles, but memories of her ordeal continue to embitter her new life. When an irresistible salesman enters her shop, he introduces a new element into the confusing recipe of … Read more »

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Rose Gardener’s Florist Available Now

If you read and enjoyed Hattie Glover’s Millinery, the second book in the Providence Street triology is available now in both electronic and paperback formats. Find out what happens to Hattie’s assistant Rose in this new release exclusively at Amazon.

Romance blooms between a common flower girl and a cultivated gentleman.

Rose Gardener is a common flower girl from Covent Garden, whose grandest wish has come true in the opening of her own florist shop. Despite years of belittling by an unsupportive family, she is proud of her achievement, yet self-doubt lingers under the surface when she is faced with … Read more »

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Hattie Glover’s Millinery October 13

My new release is coming very soon. It’s the first of the Providence Street trilogy about modern-thinking women who run their own businesses in 1912 London. Hattie Glover’s Millinery is available for pre-order at Amazon.
Harriet Glover’s heart is not open for romance. Creating a millinery business has been her sole focus ever since a youthful heartbreak ruined her reputation and changed the course of her life. But fate has more in store for Hattie than adorning the heads of London’s elite with one-of-a-kind chapeaus. When a man who sets her head spinning and a young woman in dire need … Read more »

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