Bonnie Dee

Appalachian Ghost Stories

Scarred HeartsI’m intrigued by the music and culture of Appalachia. Mountain country was my inspiration for Scarred Hearts, a novel about a WWI veteran and a dirt poor mountain girl who find healing love together against a backdrop of Prohibition violence. In the book, Lettie and Shadow tell each other local ghost tales and Lettie sings a song about a murder. These stories and the song are all Appalachian legends I found online. The macabre seems to be an intrinsic part of the culture and I thought added a nice flavor to the book (which you can find at Amazon, B&N, etc.)

I’ve recently discovered a folk singer, Rhiannon Giddens, whose voice I absolutely love. I bought some of her songs, one of which is the folk tale Little Margaret, a creepy ghost story about a woman who pays one last visit to her lover on his wedding night. Here’s a not-well-shot but audibly fantastic version of Rhiannon singing it on Youtube.

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