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The Merchant and the Clergyman is live

Thanks again to all who voted when we had Merchant and Clergyman in the Kindle Scout campaign a few months back. We didn’t make Amazon’s cut, but the book is now self-published and available at most e-book vendors. You can click on any of the links on the book’s page or the main page of my web site.

This plot bunny was Summer’s. She quickly sold me on the idea of a clergyman living a quiet life, tending his parishioners, who has a bomb in the form of a strong-willed and vibrant man explode into his well-ordered world. Of course, there has to be some outside force that keeps throwing James and Declan together despite their best intentions. That comes in the form of Declan’s worry about his aging aunt and how his uncle may be mistreating her.

We hope you enjoy the country setting of the story and the juxtaposition of aggressive businessman Declan and even-tempered nurturer James.

Also this week in time for Halloween, The Tutor is on sale for 99 cents. If you’ve already read it, recommend it to a friend who likes their scares a little less gory and more eerie. Personally, I don’t mind gore. I’ve been working my way through all the Scream movies this past week. I hadn’t seen Scream 4 and was surprised by how clever and funny it was.


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