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The Professor and the Smuggler is live today

BD&SD-theProfessorandtheSmuggler-432x648Summer Devon and my latest historical, The Professor and the Smuggler rings in the new year. Set at the gorgeous Cornish coast (due to my mainlining Poldark last summer), the story involves smugglers and treasure and opposites attracting. A cheerful, bumbling professor runs into more than he bargained for when he explores a remote area and meets a taciturn, scowling local.

For a village that depends on smuggling to survive, an outsider is unwelcome. Carne acts as Phillip’s local guide and keeps him away from any sensitive areas–except his heart. Carne is helpless before new and powerful emotions for a man which sweep him off his feet like an incoming wave.

Here are a couple of early reviews:

The Blogger Girls, Ami, 4 stars
First thing that came to my mind when I finished this was … “this is so charming and romantic”. The romance and the action blends nicely; with two lovable main characters, The Professor and the Smuggler is another winner from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon for me.

Gay Book Reviews, Ele, 4 stars
One one hand, this book felt familiar and heart warming, just like what I’m used to from this writing duo; the characters are diametrically opposed, the story is not overridden with angst, although the era provides plenty, and the ending is true to the time period. But what made this one exciting, was the setting.

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