Bonnie Dee

Terran Realm Books Live Again

In 2007 two of my books were included in the Terran Realm series, the brainchild of author Monette Michaels, a shared universe  explained better at Monette’s website. The series has been resurrected and the books are now live at Amazon and other virtual bookstores.
My novels, Measure of a Man and Fruits of Betrayal are books two and three in this sci fi series. These stories are quite different from the historical novels I later became known for, but if you are interested in sci fi, you might want to check them out.

Measure of a Man: A pure soul plumbs the depths of a damaged heart.

Petty criminal and drifter Ian Black believes in one thing—self-preservation, until the night his path collides with a woman running for her life. The solitary man finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue as be becomes an unwilling accomplice to the enchanting woman besieging his wall of cynicism.

Mirabai Kashi is no mere mortal but a Keeper of the Terran Realm, a species secretly co-existing with humans. Her particular element, Spirit, grants her powers which might heal a broken man but threaten Destroyers bent on eliminating the Realm. As the struggle between good and evil heightens, Mirabai must count on an unlikely ally to help her deliver a mysterious box to KOTE headquarters. Will the ne’er—do-well Black have her back when it counts?

On their journey to protect the world, the pair become lovers and Ian discovers within himself a conscience and capacity for love he never imagined.

Fruits of Betrayal: When good guys go bad, and bad girls go worse.

Elyse Greenwood’s psyche is a battleground where good and evil struggle daily. Torn between her Protector tendencies and her Destroyer allegiance, she has yet to fully commit to either the Keepers of the Environment (KOTE) or its nemesis organization.

Justin Foster has long been a respected Protector of KOTE. When a box containing a crucial piece of the Destroyers’ plan for world dominion is taken— along with Justin’s ward Trina, the agent’s loyalty is splintered.  Rescuing Trina may force him to break his solemn vow to protect the Realm at all costs.

Antagonists Greenwood and Foster must work together to defeat Destroyer Raymond Brody and his minions. As more of Brody’s plan for world domination is revealed, the reluctant partners discover the conflict between desire and duty will twist them in ways they never imagined and the fruits of betrayal are never sweet.


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