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The Tutor Now Has a Cover

The Tutor_500x750I’m excited to share the brand-spankin’-new cover for The Tutor which should be available in July.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this gothic romance and playing with all the standard tropes but switching them up. I hope readers will enjoy it just as much as I have. I plan to post teasers over the next few weeks prior to release.

Glimmers of The Sound of Music, The Enchanted Garden, Jane Eyre, and every “true” ghost hunters show you’ve ever seen make this story feel familiar. Gay love makes it unique.

 Typesetter Graham Cowrie sees an ad for a position at a Read more »

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What’s new this summer?

After fully intending to blog on a regular basis, I let almost a month slip past without a post. What can I say? It’s summer.  But I have been working. Summer and I have nearly completed our latest collaboration temporarily called James and Declan. We may title it The Cleric and the Businessman, or we may think of something better. Are people tired of our “… and the …” titles or does it let them know immediately it’s a Summer and Bonnie collaboration?

James Fletcher is content in his position of church curate in the village where he grew up. … Read more »

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One Day event – Stuff your Kindle

A lot of authors participating with plenty of free reads available. Click on the image to reach the landing page. My giveaway book in the event is Summer Break.
Summer Break Final

It’s the summer after high school graduation. Rich kids plan for college. Poor kids like Eric, struggle to survive and wonder how to improve their lives. While his best friend, Josh, is off at a Young Leaders convention, Eric’s long-held passion for Josh’s girlfriend, Brianne, ignites.

Their summer sizzles for an incandescent moment — until Josh returns. The three must figure out if they can resolve their conflict and save their … Read more »

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Appalachian Ghost Stories

Scarred HeartsI’m intrigued by the music and culture of Appalachia. Mountain country was my inspiration for Scarred Hearts, a novel about a WWI veteran and a dirt poor mountain girl who find healing love together against a backdrop of Prohibition violence. In the book, Lettie and Shadow tell each other local ghost tales and Lettie sings a song about a murder. These stories and the song are all Appalachian legends I found online. The macabre seems to be an intrinsic part of the culture and I thought added a nice flavor to the book (which you can find at Amazon, … Read more »

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Another “Think” Coming…

BdGoa_FCcAENUJ5So my husband and I got into an argument over this expression. I noticed a billboard that said “Another thing coming” and complained about it being wrong. It’s supposed to be “another THINK”. He said it looked right to him and that was the expression he used. I countered by saying I was absolutely positive I was correct, because the expression could be used as follows: “If you think you’re going to get away with that, you’ve got another think coming” meaning think again! Can you tell my mom used this expression often?

Fast forward a couple weeks later … Read more »

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